Environment & atmospheric Music

Hotels, Restaurants, Hotel, Retail, Spas, Events Space – any venue you can imagine– audiostiles is here to style your environment using the perfect music. With personalized service, audiostiles ensures your surroundings reinforce your brand and image through sound. We work closely with you to assess your goals and demographic needs, delivering music programming uniquely based on your criteria.

Music Styles

audiostiles adds sensibility and style to any musical atmosphere. We provide the expertise to broaden the scope of your music, keep you current, contemporary, find the obscure, and blend it all together. From pop, rock, hip-hop and country, to world, blues, classical or jazz, you set the parameters. The possibilities are endless.

The Mix

Step into your own music library with the best tracks from any album and/or artist, carefully placed into calculated play lists with the perfect ebb and flow.

Day Divison

audiostiles can create specifically designed play lists for any time of day—morning, evening, late-night, special event and more.


audiostiles can work with a wide range of music systems, depending on your preference and convenience.

With our customized music programming—we do the work—you sit back, listen and enjoy.