Additional music services & tools

Above and beyond programming music environments, audiostiles offers an array
of innovative music services and marketing tools:

DJ in a Box

Specially programmed, single use digital music players can be hired for special events, trade show booths, parties, etc., providing an inexpensive alternative to other music services.

branded music playlists and promotions

Based on audiostiles customized music programming services, we have created several innovative co-branded music products for a variety of third party businesses. In a similar manner to how “branded compilation CDs” are used as lucrative marketing tools, audiostiles digital music products offer endless promotional, marketing and revenue opportunities.

Custom Retail Compilations

Reinforce your brand and create new revenue opportunities by producing a custom-made and branded compilation disc or digital playlist. From conception to completion, audiostiles will work closely with you to develop a mix that that is in line with your specific marketing goals, allowing you to connect with your clientele using the persuasive power of music.