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MIX MASTERS: “Who hasn’t fantasized about putting together the best-music-of-all-time CD … If the only things standing in your way have been time, technological skills, and music resources, the co-founders of audiostiles, a music-styling service for iPods and other digital music players are here to do it for you…It’s a practical, personal DJ service… for people who don’t have the time to learn about new music.”


MUSIC AND FOOD? THE PROS STEP IN: Jeremy Abrams, managing partner of the New York-based music consulting company audiostiles, said that a large percentage of his clients come to him from the larger companies “looking for something a little more customized and up-to- date.”


For a select several hundred clients, who include celebrities and people just too busy to choose their lives’ soundtracks, New York-based audiostiles, selects music for parties, restaurants and events by programming individual iPods and other MP3 players. Music is mood-altering … audiostiles knows how to market ambience perfectly. [audiostiles] created some of the music for Holt Renfrew’s star studded vinyl event for the Toronto International Film Festival … an in store disc that ended up being the store’s bestseller.


Audiostiles, devises playlists for Thomas Keller’s restaurants and Four Seasons Hotels, among other clients. The service is as much about branding as it is about entertainment. As Abrams explains on his website, “Décor, accessories, and clothes all create image, persona, and mood…. Music now does the same.” A well-chosen “soundscape” also says, “Trust us, we’re hip. Even if we didn’t program this iPod”


audiostiles has as its clients the upscale Per Se and Bouchon restaurants in New York and Four Seasons hotels in the U.S. and overseas. Providing a playlist for a gourmet restaurant is more than just having knowledge of and an ear for contemporary music. They study the menus, design and customer patterns of a business, in addition to consulting with owners about their personal tastes, to come up with playlists that will work best. audiostiles especially likes to use the service to introduce customers to new music that might not be heard elsewhere as a way to help a business create a unique brand.

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Enter: audiostiles. Doesn’t ring a bell? Well, you’ve probably listened to the company’s amazing playlists at a hot restaurant or cool store and not even realized’s a bit like musical therapy: The folks at audiostiles dig into your musical past and get to the root of your tonal preferences in order to provide you with a soundtrack that works for any and every aspect of your life. You name it, they’ll “stile” it.


Seasoned music aficionados, they whip up amazing mixes to suit any occasion, activity or mood. The folks at audiostiles are true wizards; their musical knowledge is deep and impossibly current. They’re like no-attitude psychic DJs happy to expand your aural horizons via digitized sound.


There’s an art and a science to choosing the right music for your restaurant — and Jeremy Abrams has mastered it. He’s the co-founder of Audiostiles, a music consulting company that creates customized playlists for restaurants, hotels, retail stores, and more.


Even if you don’t realize it, music is messing with your mood everywhere. Just ask Jeremy Abrams, founder of Audiostiles. His company creates soundtracks for hotels and restaurants that can make a lobby a lounge, a business space or a party scene…Abrams goes with his gut when putting together a set list. “It’s like art for a restaurant,” he explains. “You want someone to notice a beautiful painting, but you never want it to overwhelm the space.”


The Greatest Party Playlists: Popping a few CDs into a sound system isn’t good enough for the best restaurants anymore. These days, play lists are expected to show as much creativity as menus. Chefs Thomas Keller and Daniel Boulud work with audiostiles, a company that also counts the Four Seasons hotels as a client.


The New DJ in Town: A New York start-up using their clients’ existing sound systems to create made-to-order ambience without repeating songs.


All Things Considered: Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a cool friend who introduces you to new music. Maybe you’re that cool friend. Or just maybe you’re neither. For a fee, the musical consulting company behind the Web site introduces clients to fresh tunes based on a survey of their current tastes.


A New Way to DJ: As an alternative to a standard DJ, audiostiles provides customized play lists for special events, restaurants, lounges, spas, or retail stores.

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IN THE KNOW, PERSONALIZED TUNES: Style isn’t just what you wear. audiostiles can make you instantly cool – just by programming your iPod.